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Wavy Hair Trends for 2012

Wavy Hair Trends 2012
2012 hair trends dominated layering piece (layered) and volume. Curly or wavy hair texture is also predicted to be the most sensational style. Want to change the look? Try this one haircut.
If the first Asian woman infatuated with straight hair rebonding results, so now the trend has shifted toward wavy hair. The trend is apparently triggered by the emergence of the singer and Hollywood actress busy to make a curly or wavy hair. Call in among Beyonce Knowles, Siena Miller, Giselle Bundchen, Kate Winslet, and Kate Hudson.

"The majority of women in Asia have the character of wavy hair. If the first trend rebonding (alignment), now it seems they began to dare to be creative with Wavy hair
Therefore, Matrix launched in 2012 hair trends titled "Individuality Dual Voltage" as a reference of the new concept, presenting dual function hairdo, to the top (high voltage) and down (low voltage). High voltage is more devoted to formal and party atmosphere, while the style of low voltage can be applied to the feel of a more relaxed and casual.
Wavy Hair Trends 2012

A variety of color inspiration, pieces, and hair styling make these creations as a series of trends that are full of creativity and imagination. Creative hair color shades of red and copper (copper color) combined with a style of strong laser-cut pieces and asymmetric flare shown in the reference choices of hair styles. "High voltage and low voltage within two versatile hairstyle creations presented for each cutting and staining in these trends.

High voltage becomes hairdo featuring a variety of modern up-do and Chignon (bun). While low voltage become reference style every day, "said Matrix Education Manager Indonesia, Indra Tanudarma. In launching hair trends "Individuality Dual Voltage" this, Julian Tognini, a professional hair stylist from Australia, Indonesia and the two ambassadors Matrix, Rudy Gunawan Hadisuwarno and Hadisuwarno, featuring six choices of hair styles, including fire flames, red edge, glam star, bronze bolt, rocket rock, and switch on.

In the style of fire flames that intended for long hair, wavy appearance and volume to a proper reference for casual day. Also can be given the accent colors of red and copper mixture to the hair style is more vibrant. For a more formal arrangement of the hair, pull hair up so that the hair texture changed drastically.
For those of you who have short hair, bob hairstyle bangs combined heart-shaped pieces so that appropriate reference style for relaxing. If you want to make the display look different, red-violet color can give a touch of fresh and bold. If you want more up-do, curly style in the front will makes all eyes to you. For those who have the medium to long hair, glam star style and two bronze bolt interesting to try?
Wavy Hair Trends 2012

In the glam star style, layer pieces the form letter's gold color combined with a bandage will make an appearance everyday becomes casual. For more formal glow, bun hairdo can make you look elegant and sexy. Want a more dynamic style? Could you try to cut long layers and a small amount of small curly accents and a touch of brown copper color?

It could also be a small curly hair was pulled up to give effect to a more daring and challenging. Next, you have very short hair can look feminine with soft-textured pieces on top. Natural base color combined with red copper on the front of the hair makes the display more perfect. For style high voltage, lift the front of the hair upwards, thus forming a rock-style hairdo is beautiful.

source: seputar-indonesia

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