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Korean short hairstyles

Korean short hairstyles
Currently, Asian hairstyles become more popular. Since Japan or Korean artist, and even china became worldwide celebrities. Asian hair style usually associated with the certain appearance, and usually reserved for those who are fortunate enough to have the kind of shiny black hair and is associated with the Oriental look.
If Japanese-style hair harajuku style is based on the layer that is more extreme and edgy. Korean hairstyle then softer layer with a simpler arrangement. An effect resulting from cutting the hair can varies depending on the length of the short hair that is owned.
The hair is simple and elegant, with bright colors and gels, Asian hair has it all. The colors of the safest and most suitable for all skin types are to add a base color, then enriching it with reflection.
Hair color with brownish base is more fitting for Asian women. Korean-style natural hair straight, curls up to the usual soft and relaxed. They always become part of the half-updo hair styles are simple, made by the two side sections of hair tied at the back of the head. Layering, if used, highlight the shape of the model's hair, so it is more often subtle and blended with the rest of the hair, to form an elegant style.
The style is simple and flexible
Hair styles with short hair looks sensational with an oval shaped face can makes a round face looks great. Oval face shape is considered as a form of a face can wear any type or style of hair. You can also make a straight bob cut with rounded edges. If your hair is too asymmetrical can be transformed into soft waves.
And by using curling irons can create the affect of tangled or messy. By putting wax on your hair when it's wet and then blow-dry it. Your hair will float, texture and look thicker and chunkier.
Anime Short hair styles
Anime hair style is one style that has gained much popularity in recent times. This style mimics hair style characters in anime cartoons. Characters that usually tend to look great in terms of appearance. For example with extraordinary clothes, hair design elegant and really big eyes. Exists in different forms or styles hair pieces that can be applied to real conditions, including long bob, layered or layered design and extra long.
Hipster hair style
The emergence of hipster fashion trend has led to the development of matching hipster hairstyle. Pieces that can be combined with different hair length, short, medium or long hair. And often combine methods in a colorful fashion.
This method is often applicable to a unique hairstyle, accessories and celebrity trends. The basic concept involves a couple of short pieces of clothing a person with an exciting new brand, often coupled with a bob cut, with the clear or very fixed angle.
Schoolgirl shorts hairstyle
There are many different hair styles cute schoolgirl who not only liked by school children but also likes Korean female students. This hair style can be applied to the medium and long hair.Short hair styles offer limited choices, including straight, curly, messy and sharp technique. For medium hair, it is advisable to try to design a straight loose, loose curly design, messy bun, bun and a ballerina-style bob.
Basically, short hair is very simple and easy in maintenance to keep it looking cool. There is a variety of styles that can inspire; including the usual short hair style is enforced by Asian women, especially women Korea. With a typical face and hair are typical, they can always look trendy.

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