Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Hair Ideas

Holiday Hair Ideas
If you're looking for a great holiday hairdo, then these ideas are for you! Try a new look for every holiday event you have this season with inspiration from these hairstyle ideas!

Hair Accessories
No matter the type of hairstyle you'll be wearing this holiday season, it can always be improved with hair accessories! Clips, headbands, flowers and ribbons can be added to any hair length, an updo or a half up half down hairstyle in any hair texture to create a fun finish that will look great.

Retro Waves
Holiday Hair Ideas

Model with retro wavesFor a more formal holiday party, retro waves are a beautiful option. With plenty of backcombing in the roots, some large, soft waves in the lengths and the right attitude, a stunning look like this can be yours! Side-sweep your bangs or hair length for added drama and keep your waves hair frizz-free to get the most out of your finish.

Elegant Updo
Holiday Hair Ideas

Model with an elegant updoUpdos are a hairstyle staple, but when you need something extra for celebrating joyous occasions, an elegant updo is your best bet. Any updo can be made elegant with some fancy twisting and braided styling thorough your locks before your hair is styled up. The result is a pretty, detailed 'do that is sure to stun.

Hair Color Fun
If you already have a hairstyle in mind then enhance it with some hair color fun! Two-tone hair color is really on trend now, especially looks where the color is added in random panels through your hair. This can be done temporarily with hair mascaras or pre-dyed clip in hair extensions, or you can have your hairstylist permanently add some festive color for the holidays in the salon

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