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Disco Hairstyles

Disco Hairstyles
Think Farrah Fawcett, John Travolta, or any of the other famous celebrities from the seventies and you will get a rough idea of what disco hairstyle was all about. Everything about the seventies was about making a statement and the same held true for the hairstyles from the era. Voluminous and big; these were two words that defined the hairstyles of the disco era. Primped and combed to look big and then held in place using a hairspray, we give you some of the most popular hairstyles of the era.

Hairstyles from the Disco Era for Women

Women of the seventies aped hairstyles that many popular celebrities sported and three of the most famous women's hairstyles of the disco era are described below.

Feathered Hairstyle
If there is one person who can be credited with the hairstyle being as popular as it was, then it is Farrah Fawcett. In order to get your hair styled into the feathered haircut, all you need to do is use a blow dryer and a curling iron so that you can style your hair. The hair needs to be given volume using the hair dryer and then the curling iron is used to style your hair away from your face so that they roll outwards. The face is further accentuated by bangs which are also curled away.

Poker Straight Hairstyle
With women who wanted to retain their long hair look, a popular haircut was to style their hair in such a manner that it had a long, sleek, and sophisticated look about it. Straightened, glossy hair was the call of the day and it could be accentuated further with bangs. The hair was almost always combed with a center parting and the hair was then allowed to float over the shoulders. Hairspray and anti-frizz serum was used in order to achieve that sleek look.

Wedge Hairstyle
The popularity of this hairstyle can be credited to ice skater, Dorothy Hamill, after whom the haircut was also often called the Hamill Camel. Hair was cut really short, almost like a bowl cut, in a rounded fashion around the forehead and the sides. At the back of the head though, the hair was cut in such a manner that it resembled a wedge. The popularity of this style soared because it was an easy to maintain look that allowed you to party the night away without stressing about the look of your hair.

Hairstyles from the Disco Era for Men

Often one wonders about what a man can do with his hair to change his appearance? Well, if the seventies was any measure to go by, then there is a lot that a guy can do to his hair. Let us take a look at some of the most popular hairstyles for men from the disco era.

Mullet Hairstyle
Think Patrick Swayze and you will know which hairstyle we are talking about. This haircut had a rugged, masculinity about it that set it apart from many of the other hairstyles of the period. The haircut was such that it was worn short at the top and the front, and even at the sides, but the back was allowed to grow long, pretty much untamed in certain ways.

Comb Over with Bangs
If you have medium length hair and you need to create a chic hairstyle, then this would be something that you would opt for. In the seventies, men usually had long bangs that were side swept. They also sported long sideburns which enhanced the look of the long side bangs.

Unisex Hairstyles from the Disco Era

While there were many different hairstyles that men and women could opt for, there were some hairstyles that were common for both genders. In this section, we talk about these unisex hairstyles.

Afro Hairstyle
The Afro was one of the most popular hairstyles of the Disco era and it was a style that both men and women embraced. This style was especially popular amongst youngsters of African-American heritage. An Afro was cut in such a manner that it had a helmet shape which was then puffed out to make the hair look huge. The hairstyle was perfect for those individuals who had tight, curly hair.

Shag Hairstyle
Another hairstyle that was common amongst both men and women is the shag hairstyle. If you have ever watched Brady Bunch, then you would know which hairstyle is being talked about. The name of the hairstyle, which is still quite popular, comes from the fact that it tends to be messy with the hair cut into layers of different lengths. The hair at the top is cut into many different layers and the rest of it is allowed to remain longer.

These were just some of the most popular disco hairstyles of the era. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the influences on haircuts that emerged from the cultural revolution of the decade.

By Tulika Nair

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